Czech Cemetery Gravestones

The purpose of our work is to document tombstones of smaller Czech cemeteries and make them available, so that they are not forgotten.


We begun by visiting the cemetery and looked at the tombstone, inscriptions, dates and names. Most of them are dated from the first half of 20th century with very few older ones. But where are the older gravestones? They have disappeared into a shadowy history without a trace...

Most Czech cemeteries were established as late as in 19th century. Following a ban of entombing within urban areas, which was issued in 1787 by emperor Josef II, graveyards were setup out of towns. Old cemeteries at churches were mostly forgotten and on the whole, they were not preserved.

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For example some of the oldest graves (mostly German ones) in Cesky Krumlov bear a notice that the materials of the tombstones are for sale. And thus graves disappear, and not only in Cesky Krumlov...

And that’s why we work to photograph at least some of these tombstones and make them available; so that they are not forgotten.

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At this moment is there documented 32 cemeteries and about 4218 graves. On the graves are recorded about 9102 persons.

Prague neighbourhood  
Benice   Benice  Benice - panorama  
Černolice   Černolice  Černolice - panorama  
Černovičky - sv. Vavřince   Černovičky - sv. Vavřince  Černovičky - sv. Vavřince - panorama  
Davle   Davle  Davle - panorama  
Davle - St. Kilian   Davle - St. Kilian  
Dobrovíz   Dobrovíz  Dobrovíz - panorama  
Hrnčíře   Hrnčíře  Hrnčíře - panorama  
Choteč - sv. Kateřiny   Choteč - sv. Kateřiny  
Jeneč   Jeneč  Jeneč - panorama  
Jíloviště   Jíloviště  Jíloviště - panorama  
Karlík   Karlík  Karlík - panorama  
Klínec   Klínec  Klínec - panorama  
Líšnice - Všech Svatých   Líšnice - Všech Svatých  
Ořech - church   Ořech - church  
Radotín - sv. Petra a Pavla   Radotín - sv. Petra a Pavla  
Slivenec   Slivenec  Slivenec - panorama  
Central Bohemia  
Dubí   Dubí  Dubí - panorama  
Dubí - Sv. Jana Křtitele   Dubí - Sv. Jana Křtitele  Dubí - Sv. Jana Křtitele - panorama  
Kamberk   Kamberk  Kamberk - panorama  
Mořina - sv. Stanislava   Mořina - sv. Stanislava  Mořina - sv. Stanislava - panorama  
Vrapice - sv. Mikuláše   Vrapice - sv. Mikuláše  Vrapice - sv. Mikuláše - panorama  
South-western Bohemia  
Blansko - sv. Jiří   Blansko - sv. Jiří  Blansko - sv. Jiří - panorama  
Křišťanov   Křišťanov  Křišťanov - panorama  
Omlenička   Omlenička  
Omlenička - p. Marie Bolestné a sv. Jana Nep.   Omlenička - p. Marie Bolestné a sv. Jana Nep.  
North-eastern Bohemia  
Červený Potok - Navštívení Panny Marie   Červený Potok - Navštívení Panny Marie  Červený Potok - Navštívení Panny Marie - panorama  
North Moravia  
Bukovice   Bukovice  Bukovice - panorama  
Dolni Domašov - sv. Tomáše   Dolni Domašov - sv. Tomáše  Dolni Domašov - sv. Tomáše - panorama  
Horní Údolí - sv. Jana Křtitele   Horní Údolí - sv. Jana Křtitele  Horní Údolí - sv. Jana Křtitele - panorama  
Jesenik   Jesenik  Jesenik - panorama  
Rejvíz - Jména Panny Marie   Rejvíz - Jména Panny Marie  Rejvíz - Jména Panny Marie - panorama  
Agios Georgios   Agios Georgios  


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